Cooperation for crypto money tracking from Interpol

Cooperation for crypto money tracking from Interpol. International police agency Interpol started collaborating with a South Korean company to monitor cryptocurrency transactions on the dark network.

The International Criminal Police Service (Interpol) has announced that it has partnered with the South Korean data intelligence firm S2W Lab to track transactions on the Dark Web (Dark Network), known as the “dark zone of the internet” for cryptocurrency transactions.

According to the statement made by S2W Lab, the company signed a one-year contract with Interpol to analyze and track dark web activity, including cryptocurrency usage.

The statement said that due to the lack of adequate monitoring tools, dark web portals, credit card and passport information have emerged as a center of cybercrime, including illegal trade.

Founded in 2018, the initiative collects data and analyzes the dark network using a unique, artificial intelligence-based “multi-area analytics engine”. S2W Labs is currently in the process of creating a database that finds connections across multiple time zones and multiple domains.

S2W Labs CEO Suh Sangduk said of the partnership, “Responding to cybercrime in the Dark Web is very difficult due to the wide use and features of cryptocurrencies. “We will cooperate with international intelligence agencies using our technology and do things for the benefit of goodness.”

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