Cooler Master Introduces $ 2,000 Gaming Chair


Cooler Master introduced the $2,000 gaming chair. The chair called Cooler Master Motion 1 has a very different feature compared to its competitors.

The performance and efficiency provided by the player equipment is accepted by many users. Companies that produce player equipment try to use the latest technology in their devices. Player seats are important for health, as people playing games stay fixed in the same position for long periods of time. Manufacturers started to use RGB lighting in new gaming chairs after a point. Cooler Master new gaming chair comes with a very different feature and makes a big difference to its competitors.

Cooler Master’s $2,000 gaming chair has Haptic feedback

PC accessories manufacturer Cooler Master and haptic specialist D-BOX introduced the Motion 1 gaming chair, which includes the same technology in theaters and theme parks to provide haptic feedback support to users while playing games or watching movies. “This innovation will bring motion and vibration support to gamers, bringing a more immersive and realistic experience to games,” D-BOX president Sebastien Mailhot said in a press release.

While the trailer for Motion 1 revealed little of what the chair actually looks like, it showed us the D-BOX device on the base of the seat, the silhouette of the seat from the front, back and sides. Cooler Master has stated that he is currently working on console integration of the chair. The chair currently supports nearly 200 PC games. It is stated that the starting price of the chair is $ 2,000, and for the high-end Motion 1, this price can go up to $ 2,300.


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