Cool MCU Reveal Confirms the Main Secret of She-Hulk


Warning! This post contains spoilers for episode 4 of Miss Marvel.

Episode 4 of “Miss Marvel” has just revealed the true nature of the mystery from the trailer for “Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney.” “Miss Marvel” and “The Hulk Woman” mark the next stage of the MCU TV show on Disney+, the first of which will begin in June 2022, and the second is scheduled for release in August 2022. In episode 4, “Miss Marvel”, a certain frame is shown that confirms some of the assumptions from the Hulk Woman trailer released by Marvel Studios.

Up to this point, Ms. Marvel was well versed in the MCU world, which has endless Easter eggs and hints of a wider universe. Among them were references to the Ten Rings organization, as well as references to the Avengers films. However, at least from the point of view of the plot, “Miss Marvel” was quite closed. Therefore, the mention of the next Disney+ show in “The Hulk Woman” was a bit of a surprise.

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Episode 4, “Miss Marvel,” shows what appears to be the show’s main villains, the Caches, escaping from the custody of the Department of Damage Control. However, it is in the building in which they are imprisoned that the connection with the Hulk Woman is discovered. First, the building is shown with a wide, installation plan. In the frame, the subtitle reveals the name of the building as “D.O.D.C Supermax Prison”. This is the same building that is shown in the trailer for the Hulk Woman movie, which is apparently related to Jennifer Walters’ new job as the head of the superhuman law department. From the confirmation of the nature of this mysterious building in Miss Marvel, it becomes clear that the Department of Damage Control has a facility similar to a prison for superhuman criminals on a Raft. This is almost confirmed by the appearance of a human Abomination in The Hulk Woman, something created in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which also seems to be related to Ms. Marvel.

It is unclear whether the Supermax prison will figure further in “Miss Marvel”, given that the Secretary easily escaped from the institution. However, a brief appearance in the series before its further focus on the Hulk Woman only proves that Marvel Studios executives have not lost touch with the small details and connections linking their now sprawling universe. Given that Phase 4 of the MCU has been subject to some criticism due to the lack of a clear direction, the connections between Miss Marvel, Shang Chi (and the Ten Rings themselves), the Hulk Woman and the Miracles only refute this criticism. connections between the properties of Phase 4.

This disclosure in episode 4 of Miss Marvel leads to the question of how strongly the Hulk Woman will be associated with this series. If Kamala and her allies defeat the Caches in Miss Marvel, it may happen that they will be imprisoned again by D.O.D.C Supermax with even stricter security measures after their escape. If that’s the case, then Secret might have a brief cameo appearance in the Hulk Woman, or even a bigger role if part of the show includes Jennifer representing superhuman criminals like Emil Blonsky. In any case, the subtle connection between “Miss Marvel” and “Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” is cool and proves that Marvel still has a clear path and an idea of where they want their projects to intersect in Stage 4 and beyond.