Cool Gifts: Turning Ideas Into Decorative Objects


Gifts: Making dreams come true is not always an easy task. However, some paths can facilitate this goal and bring us closer and closer to what we want, especially with the help of technology. Sometimes, creating a profile on social media, or even a website, with the help of GoDaddy, can be one of these ways.

That’s how it happened with the company Bacana Gifts. The store founded by Antonieta, who decided to unite her personal taste with a gap in the market, had its sales taking off after migrating its products to e-commerce with the help of GoDaddy.

And for you to get inspired and decide to put your plans into practice, we bring this story firsthand. Check it out below!

Cool Gifts: a business possibility

Ever since she was a child, Antonieta has always enjoyed working with porcelain products, thinking mainly about her development. However, over the years, she was feeling limited, not finding items as she wanted and noting that most available on the market had a high added cost.

In this way, it began to create its own products to market them, sketching the project and forwarding it to certain suppliers that produce their orders.

Early on, Antonieta noticed a great acceptance by the public for her work, so she decided to open a physical store in the city where she lives, São Paulo.

However, as online presence is essential for the success of any business today, she found herself needing to create a site for Bacana Gifts, finding at GoDaddy the chance to reach even more people.

GoDaddy and the construction of the Bacana Gifts website

From the first contact with the platform, Antonieta did not find it difficult to develop her virtual store, making it available almost instantly to her customers. This was possible due to the tools available at GoDaddy, which help its users to customize the page, leaving it with the desired look.

Antonieta also found other positive points while using the platform, such as facilities to restock her products, update prices and keep her online stock up to date. All of this led her to gradually migrate to virtual, reaching 100% of online sales last year and officially closing the physical store.

Currently, the entrepreneur has a large stock of goods and her brand is recognized in several places in the country. This result was possible due to the combination of a dream with a technological platform that would help make it real.

Antonieta is constantly making changes to the Bacana Gifts website, bringing a new layout and changing the face of the store on special dates, such as Christmas. In addition, today the store does not only work with porcelain, it also offers textile, wood and metal products.