Cook’s gift: Trump owns the first Mac Pro made in the USA


The now ex-president of the United States, Donald Trump, left office on Wednesday (20) to make way for President-elect Joe Biden. Along with the transition, the latest administration documents were also released, as part of the position’s transparency – including a list of gifts the politician received from authorities, companies and factories located in the country.

On one of the pages of the document, there is a curious item that until then had an unknown whereabouts: the first Mac Pro that was assembled at Flextronics International LTD, the Apple factory located in Austin, Texas. The discovery was made by David Enrich, a reporter for The New York Times. Other gifts include a custom Boeing golf club and a leather Ford jacket.

The site has been a partner of the giant since 2013 and has already produced previous models of the Mac Pro, but it became wholly Apple’s years later.

It is quite possible that the document refers to the 2019 model of the Mac Pro – a high-performance computer for professional use, but which also became a joke due to its shape reminiscent of a cheese grater and because it has an extremely expensive wheel kit. This makes Trump the owner of a rare collector’s item.

The gift probably received the gift in November 2019, when he visited the factory accompanied by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Relations between the Trump administration and Apple were troubled throughout the administration: both met more than once, including to talk about privacy, and the former president had as one of the campaign platforms the transfer of factories from the company to the USA – something that was not always respected by Cook.


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