Conversations between referees after the controversial goal


The arbitration controversy was present last Friday in the game between Mazatlán and Cruz Azul, after the disastrous work of the whistling Óscar Macías who, because he did not know the rules of the game, made a tremendous ridicule.

When the match was tied 1-1, the referee scored a penalty charged by Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez and scored, however, it should not have counted because the striker slipped and touched the ball twice, something that is not allowed.

The play was reviewed in the VAR by Macías, but even so he did not realize his mistake and counted the goal for the Machine, a situation that led him to scandal because according to the Rules of the Game in paragraph 14, a footballer cannot touch the ball twice at a penalty until the ball has been touched by another player.

The journalist, David Medrano, narrated what happened on Friday night at El Kraken Stadium and revealed the conversation that the referee had with the VAR.

The commentator assured in the program “Personal Marking” that he spoke with a person who has access to the audio of the conversation that the referees of the match had, and Óscar Macías did not want to go to review the play to leave everything in the hands of the VAR and thus save himself of a possible sanction when the center-back is responsible for the markings on the court.

That was not the only mistake of the referee, since later he scored a non-existent penalty against Cruz Azul and tried to compensate Mazatlán with another penalty, the match ended in favor of the Machine 3-2.


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