Controversial change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy


WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Facebook’s relationship with WhatsApp and the data flow between the two platforms has also been discussed since then. This situation seems to be further exacerbated by the new change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

In WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, users must consent to the transfer of some of their data to Facebook in order to continue to benefit from the service. Users are given a deadline until February 8 to decide on this matter. It is necessary to either approve the new privacy policy or stop using WhatsApp on that date.

The reason for this change is to improve the service and integrate with Facebook’s systems and infrastructure. However, it is not difficult to see that what has been done will benefit Facebook rather than WhatsApp users.

It is also possible to evaluate this move of Facebook as the latest link in its efforts to integrate its important assets into the advertising network. Combining Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s chat feature, the company now requires having a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest 2.

It is not difficult to predict that the change will increase the objections of the circles that should leave WhatsApp and Instagram from Facebook. Especially in the US Congress, thoughts about the separation of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are frequently expressed. It can be easily said that WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will further increase these objections.

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