Control Z: 2nd season of teen series wins trailer and release date


Control Z: Netflix released, this Wednesday (7), a new trailer for the 2nd season of Control Z. The video of the Mexican teen series also reveals the release date of the new episodes: August 4, 2021.

The 2-minute trailer shows a montage of characters with the theme “If you try to bury the past, it might end up burying you.” The soundtrack is the song “Skeletons”, by Wolfe with Spritely and Who’s Sem.

Check out the trailer on YouTube below:

2nd season of Control Z

Considered a success, being watched by more than 20.5 million homes in the first 28 days alone, Control Z was confirmed for a 2nd season on May 29 of last year.

Season 1 tells the story of young people who study at “El Colegio Nacional”. The students’ lives change after a hacker starts divulging secrets to the entire school, and Sofia, a lonely and observant girl, starts to investigate who is behind it.

The new season starts after a cliffhanger and will show students having to deal with a new virtual threat, with revenge being one of the themes.

Season 1 of Control Z is available with 8 episodes on Netflix.


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