Control Ultimate Edition needs to be networked once


505 Games has explained that the problem is due to all content not being able to get onto the disc. The controversy with Control Ultimate Edition has gone in other directions, but some Xbox One players have noticed that the title requires you to connect once to the Internet when you first launch it.

505 Games, the publisher, has been quick to explain why it happens on Microsoft’s machine and not on the PlayStation version. The main reason is that they have not been able to put all the content on one disc.

“Control Ultimate Edition, including the latest expansions, are over 50GB, so it has been impossible to fit everything on the Xbox disk. We have used the Xbox intelligent delivery system to introduce part of the content on the disc and the other part through a download, ”the editor commented in an official statement. “On PlayStation 4 this is not the case, as the game has entered a single disc thanks to compression and other variables. 505 Games has reassured players below: “Once you have downloaded the game, we assure you that you do not need to be online to play.”

Why was there controversy?

The new edition of the video game developed by Remedy Entertainment has been controversial because it is the only one that can be updated for free to the improved version of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In this way, those who acquired the base game or Those who also have the original season pass will only be able to enjoy the title through backward compatibility of the consoles.

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The argument that 505 Games has conveyed is that it was impossible to do so with the version that originally came out because the studio has invested in development. However, weeks ago, a bug allowed users of the launch title to download the Ultimate Edition for a short period of time, until the publisher realized the bug.


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