Control: AWE. A great closing and the return of Alan Wake


The Remedy Entertainment work recovers one of its most iconic characters and reintroduces it as another of the mysteries of its most recent video game.

The concepts of light and dark are key in Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment’s cult work. As night falls, twilight turns and enigmatic creatures roam the city of Bright Falls, Washington. It is in this place of retirement that the protagonist, a successful novelist who suffers from writer’s block, travels to take a short vacation with his wife. There he tries to regain inspiration, but what he loses is his wife, kidnapped under strange circumstances. Haunted by nightmares, Wake discovers that the light damages his enemies, an element that is transferred to Control through its new DLC (AWE), which crosses the paths of Jesse Faden and Alan Wake.

As with The Foundation, its first downloadable content, it is not necessary to have passed the main game to experience this story, although it is recommended (for progression reasons). It is enough to complete the seventh mission (A dark place) to be able to access immediately. AWE is the result of the confluence of two stories in the same universe, as Remedy herself revealed. Therefore, when the director of the Federal Office of Control receives a notice to explore the investigation sector, a new area, she discovers the fate of Alan Wake. The ties between the OFC and Bright Falls are closer than might appear at first, as the Office was already aware of the events in Washington.

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