Control Assist Mode will reduce damage and avoid death


Remedy will implement an update with a wide range of configuration options to make Control something simpler and more affordable for everyone

Although Control, which recently announced its Ultimate Edition with all the downloadable content and will also reach the next generation, was generally liked by the critics, there have been aspects of the game that have not convinced 100% of the players. Thus, Remedy has worked on some of them to implement them in a future patch, and among all these changes will come the possibility of, in general, lowering the difficulty of the game.

One of those aspects is the checkpoint system, some of which were very far from the last death of the player, forcing him to travel a long journey again without much incentive. The Finnish studio will add new control points in some of the most difficult moments of the game, but it will not be far from the only change, since for Remedy “it is important that the more people the better, they experience Control in the way they want” .

Thus, players will also be able to configure the amount of damage that Jesse, the protagonist of Control, inflicts and receives, how fast his health regenerates, the speed at which his weapons reload and even if he can die or not. Indeed, it will be possible to avoid death completely, although the study has not specified whether these configuration options will have an impact on achievements and trophies.

A success for the future

Control, which is already profitable for Remedy having enjoyed a budget of 30 million and having managed to be a success in sales, still has room for the study. In fact, they are confident that that achievement will continue thanks to the Ultimate Edition we talked about earlier, and bring the game closer to a larger audience. Also, they expect to share universe with Alan Wake and his next game standing up to numerous experiments.

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However, not everything has been good news for Control players, since it was recently announced that it will only be improved on PS5 and Xbox Series X if we get that Ultimate Edition. That is, those who have the base game will only be able to play in the next generation through the backward compatibility of both consoles, that is, without any visual improvement.


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