Control, A New Free Game On The Epic Games Store


Control is the new free title available on the Epic Games Store as part of its Christmas promotion. We tell you the steps you must follow to download it. Epic Games is determined to unleash a phenomenon with each passing day during Christmas 2021. Their promotion continues, and for another day, we have a new free PC game that we can add to our library forever. If during yesterday the chosen one was Prey, today it is the turn of Control, the action adventure and science fiction from Remedy Entertainment. Remember that you have until 5:00 p.m. (CET) tomorrow, Monday, December 27, to add it to your account.

Control, an awkward mystery

In our review of the title, originally released in summer 2019 for PC and last-generation consoles, we said that it is “a solid title that stands out for its narrative. The game tells a story with winks to David Lynch that engages the hand of small mysteries that are uncovered as the plot progresses. The playable part is not far behind and offers some fun combats that mix telekinetic powers and third person shooting ”.

Here are the steps you must follow to complete the download.