Contra Returns Takes The Action Franchise to Android and iOS


Fans of the Contra series have won a new game to enjoy on mobile devices: it’s Contra Returns, which brings the classic me against everyone clashes to Android and iOS – and which is now available for download.

According to the information disclosed, the game in question is an improved and reinvented version of the original arcade game, with more than 200 levels that have undergone a graphical update and feature varied modes to enjoy the action.

For those interested in the game, it offers the following gameplay options: One Life Mode (where, as its name suggests, it died, it’s gone), Submerged 8 (cooperative challenge with eight levels), Classic Team (cooperative within the events from the game’s history), Ultimate Tournament (player challenge mode where only one player wins) and PvP Modes (with Ranked Match options, Warm Up 1v1, Hero Battleground 1v1, Fort Battle 3v3 and Ultra Fast Shooter 2v2 ).

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