It Continues to Surprise With This Coin Transaction Volume That Washes All Taboos


Chainlink (LINK) was the best performing crypto asset of last year, and we can say even better than Bitcoin (BTC), the leading crypto asset. It continues to be the best performing altcoin lately.

When we look at the market values, Chainlink is not even among the top ten crypto assets. However, with its total trading volume, it almost makes a difference to the assets in the entire crypto market. Chainlink, which is now eleventh in terms of market value, is far ahead of Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP), which are in the second and third place in the market in terms of transaction volume.

For example, on April 13, Chainlink traded over $ 130 million compared to Ethereum’s $ 118 million trading volume. It almost doubled Ripple’s $ 77 million transaction volume. The only crypto asset that Chainlink is lagging behind is Bitcoin, as you can imagine.

Bitcoin ranks first due to its enormous dominance in the crypto market in terms of market value. The transaction volume is much higher than other players of the crypto market, especially since high-wealth corporate traders prefer Bitcoin.

The biggest reason why Chainlink performs better than other crypto assets is that it has become very popular especially by retail crypto investors and traders recently.

Incredible Performance from Chainlink
Chainlink, which has performed best in 2019, has increased 1400% and started 2020 quite strongly, and despite the fears and concerns experienced during the coronavirus outbreak, it reached its highest level of all time compared to other crypto assets.

After the collapse that took place in March and turned the entire crypto market down, there was a decrease in Chainlink, but it recovered quite rapidly. LINK, who has been working hard to get back to the highest level of all time, is still inadequate.


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