Continuation of The Chainsaw Massacre changes directors


According to Deadline, directors Andy & Ryan Tohill (The Dig) reportedly left the chainsaw revival of Chainsaw Massacre due to creative differences. Soon, the production company Legendary would have already chosen David Blue Garcia (Tejano) to assume the post of the sequel to the classic horror film of the 70s.

The news surprised the industry, as the attraction had already started shooting some scenes just a week ago in Bulgaria. According to sources of the vehicle, the sudden change was decided in the last 48 hours, as an executive of the producer would not have liked the initial results presented.

Despite these behind-the-scenes problems, the title is expected to resume recording next week and discard all material already filmed. The plot will be a direct continuation of the story of the original film, considered one of the scariest of all time with the villain Leatherface, and will aim to conquer a new generation of fans.

The Chainsaw Massacre will also feature production companies Bad Hombre and Exurbia Films, with Fede Alvarez (The Man in Darkness), Rodolfo Sayagues (The Demon Death), Kim Henkel (Jason vs. Leatherface), Ian Henkel (Butcher Boys ) and Pat Cassidy (Two Step). The cast will consist of Elsie Fisher (Eighth Series), Sarah Yarkin (Death Makes You Happy 2), Jacob Latimore (Detroit in Rebellion) and Moe Dunford (Vikings). There is still no release in theaters.


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