Continuation decision for WordPress from the White House


After the changing presidency in the USA, the White House website was also updated and it was decided to continue with WordPres. WordPress, one of the most widely used open source software in the world, started to be used in the US Presidential website infrastructure in 2017.

With the new president of the USA, Joe Biden, changes started in the USA. One of these changes was the website of the White House. With the update on the website, several new features have been added. However, a job advertisement was posted with a secret code added to the website.

The White House will continue with WordPress

The US Presidency’s updated new website features high contrast and larger font size. It is seen that these two features are focused on disabled visitors. However, many users also prefer “dark mode”. The White House website currently has English and Spanish languages.

Comments came from developers for the WordPress-based site used by the White House. Full Stack developer Wes Bos shared the results of the updated site’s performance, accessibility, best practice and SEO tests.

Looking at the test results, it is seen that the website is successful in terms of software and SEO. Especially 100 points out of 100 for SEO stand out. It is seen that he received 95 points out of 100 for performance.

A job posting message was posted in the HTML codes of the website, and attention was drawn to the job posting, where only US citizens can apply.


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