Continental Introduces New Self-Adjustable Tire


Continental Introduces New Self-Adjustable Tire

Continental presented its new vehicle tire at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Continental’s new tire, tire condition can be checked and tire pressure can be adjusted instantly.

Continental is one of the world famous tire manufacturers. The company is trying to bring innovative solutions to vehicle tires. Continental recently unveiled its new tire at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The newly introduced tire by Continental can be digitally monitored and engineered at any time thanks to engineering and electronic integration.

Tire pressure becomes an important factor when it comes to fuel efficiency. According to recent studies, 7.5 psi under pressure, a tire inflated, fuel consumption of the vehicle causes an increase of 2.8 percent. According to the researchers, 25 percent of traffic vehicles are inflated inappropriately.

Working on tires that improve fuel efficiency, Continental introduced a tire whose tire pressure can be adjusted at any time. Continental’s new tire can be monitored with parameters such as tread depth, tire integrity and tire pressure. Continental named the technology on the new tire as CARE, which means connection, autonomous, reliable and electrified. Thanks to the system developed for the new tire, vehicle owners will have access to the critical data of their tires and ensure that the tire remains within the correct parameters.

A centrifugal pump is used to adjust the pressure of the new tire. This pump will utilize the rotational force of the wheel to increase the tire pressure and keep the tire at the correct pressure. Continental believes that less carbon dioxide will be released into the environment due to the fuel economy it will create with its new tires.

With the new tires, as Continental has just introduced, tire health of vehicle fleets can be easily monitored and managed. In this way, while keeping the vehicles safer, fuel efficiency of vehicles can be increased more.


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