‘Content Claim’ Comes to Instagram


Facebook has made a new decision regarding shared posts. According to the decision, users will be able to prevent the posts they shared from being shared from other accounts. It is not yet known when the feature currently being tested will be available.

Social media giant Facebook announced that it is working on a new service for users. In the statements made through the company’s “Rights Management Platform”, it was stated that a user will claim a claim for a shipment from now on. Moreover, this status will be available on Facebook and Instagram. So we can express that a new era is beginning in Instagram.

According to statements made by Facebook officials, the new service is currently being tested with some business partners. The authorities did not reveal who these partners were, but we can state that a new era has begun on Facebook and Instagram. Because apparently a user will have the right to remove that content if they see that their own content is shared on another account.

According to Facebook’s statements, users will upload the metadata of their shares as a CSV file to Facebook’s Rights Management Panel. After this process, the user will apply certain filters for its content. In this way, the protection of the content will start. If another user shares the same content, the original owner of the content will be able to request the removal of this post. However, in this context, it should not be forgotten that the other party has the right to complain. According to Facebook, the main criterion is who will add the content to the Rights Management Panel first.

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According to Facebook’s statements, users will also be able to make country restrictions for their own posts. So for a shipment entitlements may be requested only within the borders of Turkey. In this way, a certain freedom will be offered to users. If you wish, let’s explain exactly what this feature can do with an example.

Let’s say National Geographic, one of the world’s most popular documentary channels, shared a post on Instagram or Facebook. If National Geographic, if this sends a request to add Turkey to qualify for State Administration Panel Facebook, Instagram other accounts in Turkey will not share this post. Even if shared, National Geographic is aware of this situation and will be able to mobilize authorized units to remove the content.

It will be interesting to see this kind of feature, especially for viral content. Because as you know very well, if you enter Instagram and start browsing your flow page, you will see that a content is shared in more than one account. The new service seems to be able to prevent this, but it is currently unknown what method Facebook is considering for viral content. In addition, it is currently unknown when this service will be available to all users.


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