Contact TSE website to stop working 2 days ago.


Two days before the Municipal Elections 2020, the consultation system of the Superior Electoral Court is unstable and does not return data on the official page.

The official page of the TSE that allows the consultation of the voting place of each voter is not showing results this Friday (13th), the last working day that precedes the municipal elections, which will take place on November 15th.

When accessing the TSE pages for Consultation by Name and Consultation by Title, the service appears to receive data and load voter information, but does not return results related to the polling place. Indispensable information for the voter who must attend the polls next Sunday (15).

On the entity’s main page, the polling station consultation also does not work. Likewise, the website collects voter information and presents a constant loading screen, without presenting the expected results.

TSE Bot on WhatsApp

Alternatively, the TSE auto attendant bot on WhatsApp appears to work correctly. There, the system requires a quick voter registration and, by exchanging a few commands – given via messages -, it is possible to consult the polling place, protection and hygiene instructions to avoid the covid-19 and more information.

The system proves to be very responsive and had no problems when we tested it. Just contact the bot through this link, or manually add the number “+55 61 9637-1078” to your cell phone contacts; insert the information requested by the robot, in the correct order, that it will return the desired information – such as applications, voting place, guide to justify absence, voting day and time and more.

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The e-Título da Electoral Justice app also seems to work correctly at the moment, allowing you to consult the polling place and other important information to vote on the 15th.


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