Consumer Day: how to find the best deals?


Consumer Day, officially celebrated on March 15, promises many discounts and promotions. In Brazil, low prices will extend throughout the week, peaking on Wednesday (17). It is common that in the face of a very wide variety of offers it is challenging to find the best deal, so we have separated some tips and strategies to help you in this task.

Compare prices before buying

First of all, you should compare prices before buying a product – especially during promotional periods, when the number of frauds and misleading advertisements grows. Although it is possible to do this manually, by searching and noting values ​​before Consumer Week, there are programs that facilitate this task, such as Zoom and Buscapé, since they maintain graphs with price variations.

Leave the product in the cart

Although it sounds like a rather strange strategy, it works. This is because, when leaving the product in the cart, the consumer sends the message that he wants to buy it, but was not convinced by the offer. In such cases, stores need to give only an incentive for the consumer to return and close the purchase. As a way of trying to convince the customer, many sites send emails 1 or 2 days later with discount coupons – which, believe me, can vary between 5% and 20%.

Don’t be fooled by the free shipping

In some cases, delivery costs are incorporated into the price of the product as a way of misleading consumers. To avoid this type of trap, go back to the first tip and compare the prices before you buy, so that you will have a sense of how much the stores are charging on average for the product and will be able to escape from false free shipping.

Pay attention to your location

Did you know that some websites adjust prices according to the customer’s location? Writer Mark Ellwood talks a little about this in his book Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World. “Online commerce uses all the information you can get to charge an appropriate price, including your location. If you are in a more upscale location, beware: you may be overcharged because the supplier knows you can afford it.” , he recommends using VPNs to mask the IP address and avoid additional fees.

Clear your browser’s cookies

As they store browsing data, cookies contain information about your preferences and are used as a kind of “filter” to determine the content that you have access to in your browser; and that encompasses everything, including the products that appear in search results. Therefore, to allow access to a more varied range of offers, we recommend cleaning cookies.

Search for coupons and cashback

To increase the discount on products, you can use cashback programs, such as Méliuz, or even seek discounts. This can be done through coupons, apps and even social media sites. Some companies post special offers on their profiles or partner with influencers, who advertise coupons to their followers. In the latter case, the post usually contains hashtags related to the company and the promotional event.

Respond to the site chat

Finally, we want to draw attention to that automatic chat in the corner of the screen that most people ignore, because, although it does not receive much attention, it can contain hidden treasures. When you enter a shopping site that has this chat, send a message asking about promotions or discount codes. If so, you will be informed and save money without much effort.


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