Consumer Day: 7 tips for a conscious purchase


Conscious shopping is a model that goes against consumerism and, as the name suggests, seeks to encourage reflection by consumers to make them aware of their spending. It is from this logic that people become more financially responsible, through the analysis of their consumption needs and budget control.

Eliminate superfluous spending

In a scenario where consumerism prevails, people tend to buy many items and the truth is that not all are really necessary. In this sense, conscious purchase encourages consumers to, before taking the card out of their pocket, assess expenses and needs. Thus, it becomes possible to eliminate expenses without impairing the quality of life.

Don’t buy on impulse

By putting in the balance which expenses really matter, it is easier to avoid impulse purchases: here, planning and self-control are the watchwords. So before you go shopping, make a list of everything you need and stick to it.

If possible, research and compare the products and, if in doubt, it is better to leave it for later. Finally, remember: it’s not because an item is new or on sale that you need to buy it.

Don’t spend more than you earn

Although it is a fundamental principle of conscious shopping, many consumers forget it when they see a credit card. After all, the possibility of dividing a purchase into installments gives the illusion that purchasing power has grown, but, in the end, the only thing that grows is expenses.

Therefore, maintain financial control and avoid spending more than you earn at all costs. With this, in addition to avoiding indebtedness, you will also be free from the dreaded default.

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Control your budget

You can’t talk about financial control without mentioning the budget. That’s because this task can only be accomplished if you know exactly how much you earn and how much you spend. Take the time to record the estimated values ​​for the month and then write down the actual amounts. That way, you will have a more precise dimension of your purchasing power.

Although it is completely feasible to carry out this task in writing, numerous applications, such as Organizze, Mobills and Guiabolso offer a digital, more practical and intuitive alternative to financial planning.

If possible, buy in cash

Beforehand, it should be clarified that the credit card does not pose any danger, as long as the cardholder knows how to use it. Therefore, if you have been indebted in installment purchases, it may be better to take a break from them and choose the debit or boleto as a form of payment.

In addition to assisting with financial control, cash payment also offers other advantages, such as high bargaining power, in addition to better prices and conditions.

Require tax receipt

The tax receipt is more than a simple piece of paper: through it, you guarantee your rights in the event of a claim and also facilitate the control of your own accounts.

know your rights

It is essential that you know your rights. To do this, read the Consumer Protection Code at least once. There you will find the most important information on invoice, meeting deadlines, warranty, withdrawal, quality control, among others.


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