Consuelo Duval naturally shows her beauty without makeup


The famous presenter, actress and comedian Consuelo Duval, had no qualms about showing herself naturally to her fans, who were impressed to see her face without any trace of makeup

Al natural, Consuelo Duval muestra su belleza sin maquillaje(Instagram)

The famous actress Consuelo Duval has impressed all her followers by showing herself in nature in one of her most recent stories.

The famous co-star of “La Familia Peluche”, and also host of programs like “Netas Divinas” stripped herself of complexes and showed her face completely natural, without a drop of makeup.

It is worth mentioning that the histrionic and comedian showed that she has a beautiful face which she decided to show without the help of all her own clothing that is part of the show business.

The artist shared with her fans a more intimate side of her personality in a stage in which for several months she has lived in a completely different way, in confinement and focusing on other issues more important than physical beauty.

On this occasion, Duval, who established her presence on the screen after acting alongside Eugenio Derbez on various television shows, was more authentic and honest than ever after appearing completely natural-looking in one of her most recent Instagram stories.

She is also a member of the jury in the reality show ¿Who is the mask? She was seen in her purest state of everyday life and captivated her fans with her appearance.

And I from hu3von @ taking my coffee, wrote the actress and comedian in her Instagram story, in which she holds a large cup with the energy drink.

The histrionic shows that at 51 years old she has an impeccable face, free of wrinkles, spots or aesthetic retouching, with this she gives a clear example that being herself and her talent have made her shine and make the public fall in love.

Through her instagram, the histrionic and presenter appears in a more recent video accompanied by a cup of coffee after taking a walk with her dog, some of the activities that the star shares at the beginning of her day.

It was one of the moments in which the presenter also took the opportunity to chat for a moment talking with her brother José Luis Duval, whom she greeted on one of the quiet mornings living in the middle of the pandemic.

It is during these moments that the histrionic has felt freer and without fear to show herself as she is, taking a brief break from all the arrangement that appears on television entails.

However, this is not why the artist and owner of one of the most contagious laughs does not stop captivating her fans when she appears on the screen where she shows off her great personality, as happened in one of the past broadcasts where she wore a pair of pants. leather and corset which she complemented with a pink silk blouse that marked her spectacular silhouette.

On the other hand, the extroverted Consuelo Duval shared a news that would make the fans of the “Peluche Family” very happy, which apparently could relive its glory days upon its return to the screens.

This time it would not be to television but to the cinema, in one of the most recent advances revealed by the famous character of “Ludovica Peluche” in the popular television series.

According to Consuelo herself a few weeks ago, Eugenio Derbez would be preparing everything for the Peluche Family to make its foray on the big screen and will again bring more fun to all its followers.

It is worth mentioning that after working together in said program, a great friendship resulted, particularly between Eugenio Derbez and Consuelo, who precisely confessed in recent days that his closeness with the actor has allowed him to have the confidence to greet them even with a kiss on the mouth. , similar to what happens with Adal Ramones.

All my life I greeted Adal Ramones, Adrián and Eugenio with a kiss on the mouth (…) “, confessed the beloved Federica from La Familia Peluche.
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This was revealed in one of the confessions by the histrionic during one of the broadcasts of the Netas Divinas program where they addressed the issue “if it is right or wrong to kiss friends on the mouth”, to which the famous openly he stated his opinion.


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