Construction of Popular Singer Akon’s Futuristic City Begins


Construction of Akon’s futuristic cryptocurrency-backed city will begin in early 2021. Akon City will be completed in eight years.

Popular singer and producer Akon, who is behind the project, said that Akon City, also known as “real-life Wakanda”, will begin production in early 2021. It even hinted at plans to franchise this concept in other countries in Africa.

Construction Starts In A Few Months
First announced in mid-2018, Akon City has garnered mass attention due to its revolutionary idea of ​​being a smart city that runs entirely on renewable energy and will use Akon’s own cryptocurrency Akoin.

Although project critics initially claimed that Akon was only trying to get Akon’s attention to himself, the futuristic city began to come true after KE International signed a $ 6 billion contract to build the project. The US-based firm noted that the two stages should be completed by 2029.

The start date of the construction was not announced until recently. According to a report from the Global Herald, Akon announced that the initial development phases will begin early next year.

The singer thinks that Akon City, which she hopes will serve as a “return home option” for Africans living outside the continent, could provide much-needed jobs for the locals and attract a large number of tourists when completed. Akon says:

“The system at home treats them unfairly in more ways than you could ever imagine. And they just experience it because they think there is no other way. ”

Akon City Features

Some of the surrealist designs for Akon City were inspired by traditional African architecture. But the design will likely be made of metal and glass. A hotel planned in the city will have different rooms decorated for each of the 54 countries in Africa.

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However, Akon said he still does not know which part of the construction materials will come from local sources. In addition, a suitable architect could not be found fast enough in Africa so they had to use the services of a Dubai-based architect.

Some of the emerging features of Akon City include a seaside resort, a technology center, recording studios, and even an area called “Senewood” that could revive the country’s film industry. Without revealing any further details, Akon hinted that if Akon City was successful, it could franchise the concept to other African countries.


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