Constantly engaged: that’s why TV presenter Denise doesn’t want a wedding


Why is Denise Mandingo not considering marriage at the moment? After her participation in Bauer sucht Frau, the owner of the horses got engaged to her applicant Niels Dvorak in 2020. At the moment, they are even expecting their first child together — but there has not been a wedding yet. A few weeks ago, Denise made it clear that no one would be there yet. But what is the reason for this?

In her Instagram story, a resident of North Rhine-Westphalia once again stressed that she was in no hurry to say “yes”: “Why should I get married? we should get married.” Again and again they received requests from their community about this. “”Many people wrote to me why I would study if I didn’t get married. Who gave me an ultimatum when I should have done it? Is there a book? Did I miss something?” the blonde asked herself.

In addition, Denis clarified that she does not have to get married at all. “I can get married after 10 years of engagement, or after 20 years, or not get married at all,” she summed up.


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