“Constant snipers are quite tiring” — Royal Experts Reflect on Prince Harry’s Hopes For Reconciliation With King Charles and Prince William


Following Harry and Meghan, Prince Harry is ready to attack the royal family again. The Duke of Sussex is preparing his memoirs Spare, which will give readers the opportunity to learn first-hand about the life of the royal prince. The book may cause great damage to the House of Windsor, as the royal family living in California is likely to discuss the divorce of the current King Charles III with the late Princess Diana. Meanwhile, he can also talk in detail about his strained relationship with his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton.


On the eve of the sensational memoirs, Prince Harry shocked the whole world, hoping for reconciliation with King Charles and Prince William. To promote Spare, the Duke met with ITV’s Tom Bradby for a candid conversation that will be televised on January 8. In the first trailer of the controversial interaction, the Sussex royal can be heard saying she wants her father and brother back. However, the prince’s claims did not like the royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, and he tore the duke apart for shaming his family.

Royal expert called Prince Harry and Meghan Markle desperate

After the release of the trailer for Prince Harry’s interview with CBS and ITV, royal insiders said that his “constant snipers are quite tiresome” and all the accusations seem repetitive. Meanwhile, the royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams supported the same sentiments. He believes that the Sussex are over-exposing themselves and that their strategy could have unpleasant consequences in the US market. In addition to the six-part Netflix documentary series, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle starred in their other Netflix show Live to Lead, which aired on December 31.

Fitzwilliams added that the California royals are staging an advertising circus and only look desperate to the public. “Harry might want to ‘bring back his brother’ and ‘bring back his father’, but he certainly should know that giving this catalogue of troubles even more prominence is not the best way to do it,” the royal expert is quoted as saying by the Express. .

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