Conspiracy Theories That Coronavirus Is Spread With 5G Are Becoming More and More Widespread


The conspiracy theories that COVID-19, known to coronavirus, which has been transmitted to about 2 million people to date, spread with 5G technology, remain on the agenda. Anti-5G groups created on Facebook started to create a major security threat as well as disinformation.

As with any event that affects the world, there are many conspiracy theories about the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Allegations that the virus that emerged in Wuhan city of China spread with 5G waves are among the most popular claims that conspiracy theorists are currently hugging.

According to the theory that spreads to millions of people via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the new generation communication technology 5G not only causes the spread of the virus, but also suppresses our immune system and leaves us vulnerable to the virus.

Claims that the coronavirus has spread through 5G waves remain warm on the agenda
Although there is some controversy about the effects of 5G on human health, there is no evidence that it is specifically related to coronavirus. Indeed, the scientific world defines this conspiracy theory as “nonsense.” While various politicians and organizations say that it is impossible to spread the virus with 5G waves, this unfounded thought seems to have gathered many fans on social media.

There will be those who remember; Base stations were set on fire in some cities in England last week. This action, which prevented people from calling emergency services in some regions, showed that the authorities’ statements about conspiracy theories were not able to convince people.

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Base stations in some cities in the UK were set on fire after the allegations.
A group supporting this conspiracy theory, according to ZDNet’s report, claims that industries have created a structure to help each other, and therefore 5G technology is protected by all segments. Just below, you see the diagram showing the interconnection of the telecommunications industry, researchers and government bodies.

The group suggests that although they have no direct connection or hierarchy between any of them, they try to avoid harming each other. Claiming that each institution in the scheme is part of an inclusive conspiracy to influence the global population, the group takes a rather interesting approach. Another anti-5G group says we should go back to 2G.

Chris Althaus, CEO of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Union, states that associating 5G with COVID-19 is irresponsible and unacceptable. Stating that nonsense conspiracy theories about 5G technologies are not limited to a single geography, Althaus says the idea that there is a connection between the coronavirus and 5G is baseless and biologically impossible.

Despite all these explanations, conspiracy theories that the coronavirus is spreading with 5G technology continue to gather fans in the dark corners of Facebook. It is not that easy to turn those who are caught up in this thought excluded by science in their ways.


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