Console Wars will hit theaters in the US on September 23


In addition to the television series with a release date to be confirmed, this documentary based on the book by Blake J. Harris is announced by surprise.

We have known for almost two years that the book Console Wars by Blake J. Harris, which chronicles the fierce competition between Sega and Nintendo back in the 90s, would be brought to the small screen in the form of a television series. Not only that, but it will also have its own documentary to put us in the situation and we already know when its premiere will be, at least in the United States: next September 23, when it can finally be seen in North America through the service under CBS All Access lawsuit.

All about the most historic rivalry

Thus, we will have two points of view to know the fantastic story that the book tells, the starting point for both productions. Of course, while the documentary has already dated its premiere, we still have no news of the television series, beyond that it will be in charge of Seth Rogen – known for giving voice to multiple animation characters – and Evan Goldberg. This series will also be available in the aforementioned service, but it is not yet known when or through which platform it will arrive in our country.

In this way, Console Wars joins High Score, a documentary series recently released on Netflix, as indispensable productions for video game lovers. In fact, High Score also mentions the conflict between the two companies, although it does not go as deep, obviously, as Console Wars does, considered incidentally one of the best, if not the best, books ever written on the entertainment industry. electronic.

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