Console Edition will have free update for PS5


Frontier Developments confirms that players on the PS4 and Xbox One versions will no longer have to pay for the next-gen versions.

Frontier Developments has confirmed that those who purchase Planet Coaster: Console Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to download and play an upgraded version for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S totally free when the latter goes on sale in late 2020. There will be no to pay twice.

According to the editor of the long-awaited amusement park simulator, which has been seen in a new development diary with subtitles in Spanish, those who buy the physical copy of the game will be able to download the new generation version (PS5 for PS4 and Xbox users Xbox One Player Series) at no cost; it will simply be necessary to insert the current disc in the new console and… to play. Of course, it is important to emphasize that it will be necessary to log in with the same account.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition, the most ambitious installment of the Roller Coaster saga
Although it is obvious, it goes without saying that those who have a physical version of the current generation of the title will not be able to benefit from the free update and if they buy a PS5 Digital Edition or an Xbox Series S. The reason is none other than the absence of a disc player in these digital-only solutions from Sony and Microsoft.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition updates to the new generation will be on demand until the end of the year, but the publisher hopes to launch them simultaneously on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

This new installment will allow us to build and manage the most ambitious amusement park in the series, with more tools, possibilities, complexity and realism. Its new physics engine will guarantee more realistic textures, in addition to other options that affect the content.

Following the good reception of Planet Zoo last year, Frontier Developments fans hope that this Planet Coaster will be an equivalent in quality to that seen in the zoo manager. The new generation roller coasters are getting closer.


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