Console Edition; create the park of your dreams


We play the Xbox One edition of Planet Coaster: Console Edition, which will also arrive on November 10 on PS4, Xbox Series X / S and PS5.

If there is something that we are clear about this year 2020, it is the fact that many of the plans we had planned have had to be canceled or postponed. Even so, the magic of video games, among other things, gives us the option to live adventures and create stories through the screen. Therefore, although this year we probably won’t be able to feel the adrenaline that a good roller coaster gives us, thanks to Frontier Developments we will be able to do it online. We refer to Planet Coaster: Console Edition, a title that we have already been able to test and that will become available on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S on November 10 and on November 19 (in the case of Europe) also in PS5.

A Deluxe edition; complete with all content

Four years have passed since the original release of Planet Coaster for PC. Already at the time, it was a benchmark in the genre of amusement park management and creation. Although the formula did not offer a real revolution (due to its similarities with RollerCoaster Tycoon and Theme Park) it did substantially improve what was seen before with endless options perfectly implemented and many hours of fun ahead. In 2016 it conquered thousands of players who love the genre and we do not doubt that it will do so again in its version for consoles.

Specifically, we can get the Deluxe Edition (for a base price of € 54.99 compared to the base game € 44.99), which expands the variety of attractions and accessories available to include, in addition to the base game, the Magnificent Rides Collection and Classic Rides Collection expansions. They offer a total of 18 totally new attractions and other items, inspired by some of the most iconic attractions at the world’s fairgrounds and theme parks. Thanks to this, we will make sure that we have all the content on a single disc so that we can unlock it little by little or have everything available from the beginning in Sandbox mode.


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