Considered the first game written by an artificial intelligence


The world’s first theater play written by an artificial intelligence was classified in the erotic category. The script entitled “I.A .: when a robot writes a play”, is the result of research by the Carolina University of Prague, in the Czech Republic, and tells the story of a robot that searches for answers about humanity. On their journey, however, the machine ends up “hitting” women halfway, and the encounters almost always end with sexual or suggestive interactions.

According to the person in charge of supervising the text, David Kostak, all the scenes that the AI ​​wrote, ended up in scenes of violence or sex. He shares some examples: in one part, when talking to one of his suitors, the robot makes a monologue about her “hot honey lips” and states that he wants to “make love for her whole body”. At another time, a man takes his pants off to the machine and he replies “you have a finger in my ass”.

The script was written by the AI ​​tool, GPT-2, designed by Elon Musk. The technology has as reference the way that humans write and talk to each other. Kostak says that the experience generated reflection in the team. “It is interesting because if we look at the works that humans write, be it sci-fi or romance, sex and violence inevitably end up appearing,” he said.

The production had to fix the text, to avoid repeated lines or meaningless phrases. According to those involved, the result is 90% robot and 10% human. The play was shown at a live on February 26 and reached 18,500 viewers.


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