Considered Insincere to Respect Senior Idols, ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Reaps Netizen Criticism


ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon recently drew criticism from South Korean netizens for being considered insincere in paying respects to senior idols.

Recently there was a post on the Pann site entitled, “I Think Sunghoon Should Improve His Way of Giving Respect.”

While uploading a GIF image of Sunghoon when greeting his seniors on the ‘Music Bank’ program, the netizen wrote, “Compared to Wonyoung, TWICE is a much more senior idol. I support Jang-Ggu and Sunghoon just needs to improve his way of respecting seniors. He was just nodding his head.”

In response to the post, other Korean netizens commented on the pros and cons such as:

“I don’t know if he bowed or not,”

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a celebrity or not, not properly respecting other people is not good,”

“He also doesn’t bow properly when he meets male senior idols,”

“I think the video interview will disappear soon,”

“Isn’t that because he was embarrassed?”

“He’s bowed, just because he didn’t do it right people criticize him right away,”

“He always bows during interviews and every interview ends,” as well as various other pro and con comments.