ConnorEatsPants Fan May Have Leaked a New Mario Image to Discord


The first look at the new image of Mario in the Super Mario movie may have leaked online thanks to a ConnorEatsPants fan who works at McDonald’s.

The hype around the movie Super Mario Bros. It is gaining momentum, and Nintendo Direct is going to show the first trailer on October 6, 2022.

While fans finally got an idea of the film’s artistic direction thanks to an official poster from Nintendo, Mario was looking away from the camera.

However, it seems that fans could see Mario’s face early on thanks to a ConnorEatsPants viewer who works at an Australian McDonald’s.

ConnorEatsPants fan May Have Leaked Information about Mario’s New Look

On October 5, 2022, Twitch streamer and YouTuber ConnorEatsPants posted a post on Twitter with a screenshot from his Discord server.

The tweet read: “Did a McDonald’s employee at ConnorEatsPants Discord just leak the first photo of Mario from a Mario movie?”

In the attached image, Mario is bouncing in his iconic pose, although this is a version of Mario that fans have never seen before.

It is noteworthy that Mario’s face is wider than his usual game renderings, with much more realistic hair and clothing details on top of anatomically correct hands.

In addition, the gloves that Mario wears in the leaked advertisement match the gloves that Mario wears on the official poster presented by Nintendo.

Fans react to the new image of Mario
The reaction to the image was widespread: some praised Illumination for staying true to video games, and admitted that Mario looks a little different.

“Even with the old renderers nearby… I can’t say what’s wrong with this new design…” said Twitter user GAMEandRODO64.

Although some fans felt that Mario looked a little creepy, many agreed that it was not nearly as bad as the Ugly Sonic from the first trailer of the movie “Sonic the Hedgehog”.


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