Conners: Aldo’s father was right about Harris


When guest star Joe Walsh appeared as Aldo’s slacker father in season 4 of The Conners, few viewers expected him to adequately comment on his son’s relationship with Harris, but Aldo’s father managed to sum up their biggest problem in one. discussion. Harris and Aldo’s relationship isn’t the most stormy in Conner history, but it’s a pretty mismatched couple. Harris is a rebellious but ambitious nineteen—year-old, while her boyfriend Aldo is twice her age, has three children and is not interested in self-improvement. That’s what Aldo’s father explained to the Conner council.

Despite this, Harris and Aldo managed to get through season 4 of Conners with fewer problems than Ben and Darlene’s (albeit confusing) romance, which dominated the series’ serious storylines. However, the couple is still doomed, as Aldo’s father proved in the Conners. Aldo’s father, played by Joe Walsh, used his first appearance on The Conners series to object to them staying together and prove that making a couple was a bad idea.

His introduction in season 4 made Aldo’s father, the Conners, the most unlikely source of relationship advice. Jesse (played by Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh) I met Harris’ grandfather, Dan, and the combination of his behavior and arguments soon convinced John Goodman’s character that this couple is a bad couple. Jesse’s argument was based not on the fact that Aldo is older, but on the fact that he is limited in his ambitions and maturity. This is fair, and the collapse of Jesse’s own marriage is proof that their relationship is doomed. While the loss of Dan Roseanne made him a better father in The Conners, the character has always had a stabilizing effect on his more chaotic partner, while both Harris and Aldo are freedom—loving thugs who won’t temper each other’s worst impulses.

Why does Aldo’s father have a point of view on Aldo and Harris

When it came to introducing Aldo’s father, the Conners escalated the intensity of the conversation over the course of the episode. When Jesse warned Dan that Aldo’s first wife was not so much a victim of addiction as a victim of Aldo’s immaturity, his inability to raise their “creepy kids” and other factors that led to her addiction to drugs, he was right to protect Harris from this fate. When Jesse went on to outline how he also drove his wife to psychosis, it only highlighted the fact that Aldo and his father were trapped in a vicious circle of bad parenting and subsequent immaturity, from which Harris cannot pull him out, but from which she inevitably joins him. Similar to Mark’s plot from season 4 of The Conners series, the earlier storyline of the series about Becky’s alcoholism emphasized how the family environment can contribute to dependent behavior, and Jesse’s point of view that Aldo tends to evade responsibility and make terrible decisions was reflected in Jesse’s own bad life. choice.

Dan had little reason to believe that Harris and Aldo could somehow break this vicious circle, especially when Harris’ insistence that she and Aldo would fix their relationship was rooted more in anger at him and Jesse than anything else. Jessie’s life (or at least the little that viewers heard about) was a terrible warning for Harris, telling the supporting star Conners that the same fate that befell Jessie and Aldo’s wives was soon in store for her. Despite this, Aldo and Harris have stayed together for now, ensuring that the Conners will have another sleazy couple who will join the dysfunctional ranks of Ben and Darlene.

The separation of Aldo and Harris proved that Aldo’s father was right

Aldo’s father in Conner shared a few wise words, despite the character’s haphazard approach to life, as evidenced by their separation before the wedding in the season 4 finale. Both Aldo and Harris have less-than-stellar methods when it comes to marriage, based on the relationships Harris saw as a child and Aldo’s own first failed marriage-it’s no coincidence their breakup happens while planning part of a triple wedding. Their attitude towards children was another catalyst for the breakup of their relationship. Aldo’s uncoordinated change of their wedding registry to a children’s party in the season 4 finale of the Conners, “The Judge and the priest enter the living room…”, effectively ended the relationship, since Harris is not ready for children, so this is a pretty direct demonstration of the wrong decisions that Aldo’s father warned them about. The two have the same chaotic nature that eventually separated them, which means that Aldo’s father was right about their relationship in Conners. Harris has succeeded in not being overwhelmed by her boyfriend’s lack of maturity and motivation, and that should set her up for interesting character development in Season 5 of Conners.


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