How to connect a wireless network adapter to access Wi-Fi


Using a network adapter on your PC will allow you to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, without the need for an Ethernet cable. In Brazil, brands such as D-Link, TP-Link and Intelbras offer accessories of this type for prices starting at R $ 40 with USB connectors, which should facilitate installation even by inexperienced users. The tip is especially interesting for desktops, but it can also be useful on notebooks with connection problems or even old TVs without a wireless connection. Here’s how to connect a wireless network adapter to access Wi-Fi.

Most models have a size close to that of a flash drive, but there are Nano options, such as wireless mouse and keyboard receivers. In Brazil, most adapters offer speeds between 150 and 300 Mb / s, and most devices do not have external antennas. For desktops, the format may not make much difference, as the case is not portable and usually brings more USB ports. In notebooks, on the other hand, it is more interesting to look for more discreet Nano models.

Step 1. Choose a USB port on your computer to connect the adapter. Depending on the size of the accessory, it is worth choosing the entries on the back of the desktop or further away from the handrests on notebooks;

Step 2. Most Wi-Fi adapters will be automatically recognized by modern operating systems, eliminating the need for installing new drivers. But if that doesn’t happen, you need to download it manually in the Windows device manager. Select the name of the accessory plugged into the PC and click on it with the right button. Choose the “update driver” option and follow the steps indicated. It is worth mentioning that, for this, the computer must be connected to the Internet;

Step 4. After installation, you will be able to use the wireless network without any problems. Now, just locate the wireless networks icon, select your network and enter the password;

Ready! You can now surf the Internet without needing an Ethernet cable. Follow the same procedure on other PCs without Wi-Fi support to join a wireless network.


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