Congressman wants to regulate cryptocurrencies in Brazil


Solidarity deputy Aureo Ribeiro said that discussions about the bill that regulates cryptography in Brazil should return to the Chamber of Deputies in the coming months. According to Ribeiro, the forecast is that next week the Permanent Commissions of the House will be installed and, with that, the return of the debate.

In an interview with EXAME, the deputy stated that the current scenario is favorable to the approval of the Bill, since now parliamentarians have more understanding on the subject. “When we created the first project, no one knew the subject. Today that has changed, it is something that has matured among deputies and senators. With the growth of crypto-economics, the rise of Bitcoin, the advance of several countries on the subject, today we are already talking about even in digital real, and so we managed to sensitize the deputies to return to the topic “, says Ribeiro.

At the moment, Brazil does not have specific legislation for cryptography, but the law is much awaited by market participants, who want more legal certainty in their activities.

The approval of the crypto regulation, according to the deputy, can put Brazil at the forefront. “It would be a great step forward for the country. We want Brazil to be a reference in the use of crypto, or we will be left behind. The digital advance passes through here, we already transact a huge volume in crypto, and regulation is also important to curb fraud , scams, financial pyramids, and also to educate the population on the subject “.