Congratulate Christmas: how to create


A week, exactly a week before it is officially December 24 and therefore Christmas Eve, right now everything is crazy in terms of buying what is missing for dinner on the 24 and Christmas lunch, gifts for both Christmas and for the Three Wise Men – those who are sold out at this point in the year and getting them is just like Schwarzenegger in A Father in Trouble. And Christmas, those congratulations with a foreign name and that in recent years have become more digital than physical.

Congratulate Christmas with a moving photo

A Christmas is a nice, charming and… static detail. We are in the 3.0 era practically, and we can do everything in the digital world. Why settle for a digital photo when we can nail it with a moving image? In other words, a kind of GIF if you want to see it like this, with a moving element within the static composition of the image. Do you want to make one, try this year to see if you like it? Well, on this website we can create it for free and share it on the spot.

The Gallereplay website is a specialist in providing ‘cinemagraphs’ images, live photos as they describe them themselves, and in the face of imminent Christmas they have launched an eCard creation tool so that we can design and create ours in 5 minutes. As we can see here we can insert flashing Christmas lights, candles, or a Santa Claus who smokes a pipe:

First we select a Cinemagraph card from among the 16 available, and choose if we want the animated image as is or put text on it.
Then we choose the background, which can be lighter or darker and always with Christmas motifs such as gifts, Christmas trees or snowflakes.
The last step is to create the dedication and the text message that the person or people to whom we will send the Christmas e-Card will read, and we can choose to send it by e-Mail or create a link to share it on social networks.


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