Confusion on Bitcoin Exchange Huobi


Huobi, one of the largest crypto money and Bitcoin exchanges in the world, suddenly came to the fore on social media. Both the information provided by Chinese sources and a BTC transfer detected by Whale Alert increased the concern over Huobi. So what exactly is Huobi’s incident?

Huobi Undergoing Investigation?

In fact, the incident was first reported by Caijing, who previously served the news of the OKEx-related arrest. Caijing alleged that on November 2, some of the Huobi officials were arrested by the police. As followers will remember, a similar incident happened to OKEx on September 16 and the founder was allegedly arrested.

According to the data transferred by Whale Alert, millions of dollars worth of USDT and BTC transactions were made to both Huobi and Huobi. In addition, when looking at the data conveyed by Edward Morra, it is seen that there is an extraordinary Bitcoin activity in Huobi within Huobi Global.

In the continuation of these allegations, the news that a senior manager of Huobi was arrested and that he was in a similar situation with OKEx began to come to light. However, Larry Cermak, one of the well-known names of the sector, emphasized that he heard strong “rumors” that this is not true and that the incident did not reflect the truth.

Huobi Responds to Allegations

Huobi immediately denied the allegations that the exchange is under investigation by publishing an official statement. Stating that all transactions of Huobi are normal, the officials made this statement to Chinese investors.

The bitcoin price is trading at $ 13,500 as of the time this article was written, and if the claim is true, it could create a hard sell wave.


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