Confirms it plans new consoles after Xbox Series S / X


In an interview for the Yahoo portal, Phil Spencer commented a little more about Microsoft’s new consoles, making a projection for the next generation of video games and for the future after it, with the strengthening of cloud game streaming services.

According to the head of Xbox, there is an internal planning for a sequence of consoles after the end of the Xbox Series S / X cycle, with the intention of continuing to launch new and dedicated hardware. “In terms of future hardware, I definitely think we will see more console hardware in the future,” said Spencer. “As with videos, as with music, it is not that streaming has prevented device innovation. I think we’ll keep an eye on that, and that’s exactly what we’re planning. ”

In recent years, much has been discussed about trends in physical launches in video games, with many brands gradually entering the digital market, as it had already started with the Xbox One S All Digital and will occur with the PS5 and Xbox Series S. to the nature of the service, platforms such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, PlayStation, with PS Now, and others are increasingly strong in the gaming landscape, providing titles through the cloud.

Fortunately, with the new generation of consoles knocking on players’ doors, at least 5 to 10 years of constant support are expected and the idea of ​​extinction of physical video games can still spend a lot more time in the drawer.

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