Confirmed, this is how the cast announced a crossover between the 2 dramas


NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii returned to the fan screens this Monday, January 3, 2022 through the CBS transmission network, with new episodes of the premiere of the second half of their 19 and 1 seasons respectively, which debuted at end of last September.

Since NCIS: Hawaii kicked off last year, fans of the newest crime drama in the NCIS franchise have hoped for a crossover with the rest of the shows in the same universe. What everyone expected will finally be happening as Vanessa Lachey affirms in the video released by Wilmer Valderrama in her official account on her Instagram social network.

In the video shared this Monday by the NCIS star who plays special agent Nick Torres, there are also Katrina Law (interpreter of Jessica Knight), and part of the main cast of NCIS: Hawaii, including Lachey, who gives life to Special Agent Jane Tennant, the only female leader of the CBS franchise.

NCIS agents Nick Torres and Jessicca Knight will be part of the next special crossover, who are preparing to travel to Hawaii in March 2022 to join Tennant and her team for a new case. This is what Valderrama begins by saying in the video that surely moved the fans:

“Listen, listen. I’m heading to Hawaii to film a crossover event.”

This is how the cast announced the first crossover between NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii in March

For her part, the actress who plays Knight also confirms that she will accompany Valderrama on his trip to Hawaii, and is then followed in the clip by Yasmine Al-Bustami from NCIS: Hawaii as well as Vanessa Lachey. The video also features various cast members from the latest spinoff series.

This was something that had been waiting for some time, it just needed CBS to give the go-ahead for a special event of this type to materialize, since previously the executive producer of the new series NCIS: Hawaii, Christopher Silber, had said that a cross between the two programs was not ruled out. This ensured at the time:

“I’ll just say, and I only speak for myself as one of the executive producers, but I’m always open to whatever kind of crossover CBS allows. I’ve certainly experienced it only in the world of the NCIS franchise.”