Confirmed: This caused the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


Now the royal fans have confidence. Queen Elizabeth II ( ✝ 96) died on September 8 at her Scottish estate Balmoral Castle. The death of the former queen caused great grief around the world: The United Kingdom immediately entered a phase of ten days of mourning — both the people and the family of the former regent were able to say goodbye to the monarch. The cause of the Queen’s death was announced after a solemn state funeral last Monday.

The Sun has a death certificate, from which it follows that a 96-year-old man died due to old age. The former head of state of Great Britain died at 15:10 in Balmoral Castle, it was confirmed on Thursday afternoon. According to the document, 72-year-old Princess Anna was with her mother at the time of her death.

Shortly after the Queen’s death, it was suggested that, in all likelihood, there would be no further details about the Queen’s demise. Hello magazine reported that the royal family attaches great importance to privacy and personal matters.


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