Confirmed: Riccardo Basile and Clea-Lacy Juhn are getting divorced!


Riccardo Basile (30) and Clea-Lacy Juhn (31) are splitting up again! These two have been going through life together since the end of 2019 and regularly share loving posts with their fans online. But a few weeks ago, things got quiet around Riccardo and Clea — the former bachelor candidate even took a short break last August. Her fans already suspected a breakup at that time. Now it’s official: Riccardo and Clea have broken up!

Compared to the image, Riccardo’s management confirmed the love of the former lovers: “Yes, that’s right, they are no longer a couple and parted on the best of terms,” the statement said. Neither Riccardo nor Clea have commented on their separation yet.

Their love even got under their skin! At the beginning of their relationship, the TV star and the athlete tattooed each other’s initials: Clea had a small R on the back of his hand at the time, and Riccardo had a C there as well.



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