Confirmed God Will Have Family Therapy Sessions


The producers of the Netflix series Lucifer have confirmed that God and Lucifer will have a family therapy session with Linda Martin in their office.

Recall that the almighty himself made his grand entrance into the gripping midseason finale, setting the stage for an epic family reunion in the next eight episodes of the fifth season.

But now that the ruler of creation has made his debut, fans of the series are anticipating some difficult conversations between Lucifer and his estranged father, including therapies after a tweet made by the official page.

“There is no news on 5B, but the real news that we will report to you is that * and ** are heading to therapy.”

Although nothing was revealed about the production and release date of the next season, a great clue was seen about what happened in the next episodes.

It would be very interesting to see the conversation between Lucifer and God, who really do have many things to talk about. Although it is also being suggested that Dan and Ella might need Linda’s experience with a therapy session.

Poor Linda has no doubt had all kinds of celestials spilling their dilemmas and problems in her office, so it will be intriguing to see how she handles therapy with her literal creator and Lucifer.

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