Confirmed all characters for the “X-Men 97” MCU


Although Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego didn’t reveal anything about the X-Men on the MCU live stream, it did confirm the return of the characters for the X-Men 2023 ’97. The animated series is a revival of the beloved X-Men series, which lasted five seasons between 1992 and 1997. Saturday morning cartoon audience.

As the name suggests, “X-Men ’97” will start from where the original animated series left off, and the original actors will voice their roles and take the opportunity to adapt many other classic X-Men storylines from comics created over decades. The Comic-Con panel didn’t really reveal the storylines, but it showed that many of the most beloved characters from the X-Men show of the 90s will return to the new series.

The revival of “X-Men” on Disney+ will be broadcast in the summer of 2023, just over 26 years since the last episode of “X-Men” aired in March 1997. from the devastating events of the X-Men, season 5, episode 14, “Graduation Day”. In the last episode, the dying Professor Xavier was transported to the Shi’ar Empire, promising that his spirit would always be with his X-Men. Charles Xavier was noticeably absent from the X-Men ’97 panel, and his old rival Magneto led the X-Men instead.


Following the wishes of his former friend Charles Xavier, Magneto will lead the X-Men in X-Men ’97. In early images shown at Comic-Con in San Diego, he will be wearing a suit when he joined forces with the X-Men in the comics after the events of Secret Wars. Magneto was the main villain in the original X-Men animated series, but he was a complex character who ended the series by turning away from his war against humanity to save his former friend Charles Xavier. In the comics, Magneto fulfilled Charles’ wish and vision by becoming the director of the New Mutants, a role that was defined by numerous disastrous encounters with the Hellfire Club, which led Magneto to abandon his attempts to fulfill Professor X’s wish of the X-Men. Since Mr. Sinister and the Hellfire Club have confirmed that they will replace Magneto as the main villain of the X-Men 97, it is possible that the series will adapt this arc.

Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister appeared in several episodes of the original animated series “X-Men” and will play an important villainous role in “X-Men ’97”. As detailed in X-Men Season 5, episode 13 “Descent”, Sinister was originally a brilliant Victorian scientist Nathaniel Essex, an acquaintance of Charles Xavier’s ancestor, James. Like Magneto, Mr. Sinister fought the X-Men in the original cartoon, obsessed with creating a better world. Sinister’s connection to Xavier and unique worldview make him the perfect backdrop for Director Magneto and his team in X-Men 97.


While viewers are eagerly discussing the casting of Wolverine from the MCU, the original animated Wolverine will return in X-Men 97. He will also be wearing the iconic yellow and blue spandex suit and hood from the comics and the original animated series. Since this is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, X-Men 97 has plenty of Wolverine stories that can be adapted to the screen.


As Charles Xavier’s right-hand man, Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops, is likely to form an interesting dynamic with the new X-Men leader Magneto. It may even rival his strained relationship with Wolverine from the original animated series. If there is any ambiguity about Magneto’s intentions to inherit Xavier’s school, then Cyclops will probably be his biggest critic.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey will reform Marvel’s mutant X-Men love triangle between Cyclops and Wolverine when she returns in X-Men ’97. The original X-Men animated series captures the biggest story of Jean from the comics, The Phoenix Saga and the Dark Phoenix Saga, which formed most of the third season of X-Men.97, for example, her status as an Omega-level mutant with psychic potential, a revelation that puts her at odds with by her husband Scott. The presence of Mr. Sinister as the big evil also opens up the opportunity to tackle the Gene/Madeline Pryor clone arc that led to the Marvel Inferno crossover in 1989.

The beast

Beast was another founder of the original X-Men and a member of the Avengers. He was a much-loved character in the animated series that matched the iconic blue fluffy design of Hank McCoy’s unique mutation. Both an intellectual and a formidable fighter, the Beast instilled confidence in a generation of more diligent children in the 1990s and can do the same again in X-Men 97.


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