Confinement: The Weeknd’s After Hours album perfect for ambience


In this period of containment, The Weeknd released their new album: After Hours. What to ambience during this very difficult moment!

Friday, March 20, the famous singer The Weeknd released his new album: After Hours. What delight all his fans during this period of confinement.

The spread of the coronavirus being too rapid, governments have therefore been forced to establish strict measures.

In France, Emmanuel Macron therefore decided to close the borders. And especially ! He therefore proceeded to containment measures.

Except for people who work or who need to travel for health reasons, sport … Or even for food needs, all French people must stay at home!

So to try to drown their boredom, many try to entertain themselves as they can. But in this period of confinement, very good news has fallen for fans of The Weeknd!

The artist has finally released his new album in this confinement phase! Enough to entertain more than one. Because the wait remained endless!

After Hours therefore contains fourteen titles. And no collaboration in sight! One thing is certain! The Weeknd is therefore very proud of the result.

So that’s what he said: “I’m confident about the direction I’m going to take with this album. There is also a very committed vision and character that is represented. ”

And more ! The artist is very happy to reveal a new aspect of himself. “And I can explore a different side of me that my fans have never seen.”

Thereafter, the interpreter of Pray for me will therefore enter the After Hours World Tour. He will then be accompanied by other singers.

Like Sabrina Claudio and Don Toliver. But also 88GLAM. His fans are therefore eager to find him in concert at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris on November 11 & 13, 2020.


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