Confinement: depressed students suffer a lot of loneliness!


Students are finding it more and more difficult to live with confinement! Loneliness and depression therefore increase in young people …

Two confinements in the same year, the students are starting to have trouble … Loneliness and depression indeed accompany this second lock-down. Cities are even opening support phone numbers!

The students had already badly lived the first episode, in March. First for financial reasons, as many of them have lost their jobs, or have not found one. But not only !

Lack of social life, dropping out of school: many problems led to the first confinement … And the second therefore comes under the same heading. Concern is growing, as an article in Le Monde shows.

Students thus testify to the lack of outings, the lack of life … “We have the same life as the elderly”, regrets one of them. It must be said that between classes and Netflix, the distractions seem limited …

The problem therefore seems very deep. Much deeper, because confinement in winter also leads to shorter, less sunny days … and family celebrations that may seem less joyful.


The city of Lille is therefore trying to help drop-out students, who suffer from loneliness. She thus opens a night hotline, in an attempt to provide psychological support to young people …

The Conflins study further drives the point home. According to the students in confinement surveyed, “28% of them feel” sad, depressed or hopeless more than half the time or even every day. ”

Sadness, boredom, loneliness: the cocktail seems very heavy for students who, in addition, have to follow the lessons from home … The situation seems more and more difficult, and the end of the lock-down does not seem for tomorrow.

Emmanuel Macron said, “It’s hard to be 20 in 2020” … But the government spokesman has broken the mood even more. “The end of confinement, we are still far from it” … We must therefore be careful!


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