Configuring mesh networks for the IoT Edge


This code pattern is part of the 2020 Call For Code Challenge. The 2018 Call for Code Global award winner, Project Owl, implemented a hardware solution for IoT that, when deployed, created a mesh network – also called mesh network, in Portuguese.

Although the topologies of mesh networks are not new, with the increase in hardware accessibility for IoT, these networks present themselves as a more viable solution for the Internet of Things.

and then how to use it to connect sensors to the Internet and allow other devices that are not part of the mesh network to connect to the Internet through that network. The following image shows this mesh network topology.

To better understand what a mesh network is and its usefulness in solutions for IoT, read the section of the workshop on mesh networks.


This mesh network requires at least 2 Raspberry Pis with SD cards, to contain the file system, and power supplies for each Pi. Temperature and humidity sensors and an RGB LED will also be required. In addition, you will need an Ethernet or wi-fi connection and, of course, Internet connectivity.


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