Configuration guide for Kubernetes developers


This configuration guide is primarily intended for developers, technical writers and testers who are or will be working on and contributing to the Kubernetes open source project. For example, it is assigned to people who want to make edits to the documentation, code corrections and draft new features for Kubernetes; that develop and use several types of applications that use the Kubernetes API, such as profiling, monitoring and integration tools; and who develop services that specifically benefit from the Kubernetes feature set.

The initial section explains the basics. The following sections help you set up your development environment. Soon after, you will learn how to use GitHub and Git with the Kubernetes project. In addition, the final sections provide advice on development, construction and testing, so you can contribute useful code to the Kubernetes project.

Some basic initial questions

Before we start, you may have some questions if you are new to Kubernetes.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a set of applications written in go. These applications work together to form an interactive platform for container management.

Where’s the Kubernetes source code?

Kubernetes is available on GitHub.

Is Kubernetes an OSS?

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Kubernetes is open source software and was donated by Google to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


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