Confession, So Ji Sub’s new mystery movie


The Halloween season is approaching and the movie ‘Confession’ cannot be missing from your list. The protagonist of the film is So Ji Sub, who will face an adventure full of mystery and crime.

So Ji Sub is one of the most established Korean actors in the entertainment industry, also a model, he has won the hearts of the public for his participation in film and television content.

A new So Ji Sub project that promises a lot of mystery is ‘Confession’, a thriller film that mixes the genres of mystery and crime. Directed by Yoon Jong Seok, who has headlined the films: “Mister Mama” and “Marine Boy.”

The plot of ‘Confession’ tells the life of Yoo Min Ho, played by So Ji Sub, a brand-new businessman who is the director of a very important company, the fate of the CEO changes when he is accused of the murder of a person.

The person in charge of the legal battle to defend Yoo Min Ho’s name and innocence is Yang Shin Ae, the role of the famous actress Kim Yoon Jin, he is one of the most prestigious lawyers in South Korea and will not allow his reputation to be be affected by the conviction of your client.


The first trailer for ‘Confession’ has already been published and in 1 minute and 13 seconds the viewer can experience different emotions, ranging from surprise to uncertainty. OMG!

You can also see some exciting scenes where the character So Ji Sub tells his lawyer about the events that led his to be charged with murder. Is he really innocent?

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