Conclusively Proven That Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer: Here are the Research Results


Cancer: A study by Oxford University and Swiss scientists revealed that deodorants cause breast cancer. According to experts, aluminum in deodorants is taken into the body by mimicking estrogen. This causes cell damage and cancer. Oxford University and the Switzerland-based Grangettes Hematology and Oncology Center conducted a striking research on deodorants that almost all of us use. Studies have revealed that these products, which help prevent the smell of sweat, contain aluminum and that this aluminum can lead to breast cancer. This put an end to a debate that has been going on for years.

It is known by everyone that there is aluminum in deodorants and this aluminum prevents the smell of sweat by clogging the sweat glands. Studies have shown that aluminum does not cause cancer. However, it was concluded that this situation was not true. In their studies on hamster cells, experts found that aluminum can be absorbed by the body. Predictably, this led to cancer.

Toxic aluminum salts cause breast cancer

In studies conducted by scientists, it has been determined that toxic aluminum salts are absorbed by cells by mimicking the female hormone estrogen. As a result, some distortions were detected. So much so that hamster cells exposed to aluminum salt for 24 hours were impaired in terms of chromosome structure and number. What the scientific community described as “genomic instability” was causing cells to give rise to malignant tumors, namely cancer. As a result of their studies, experts have definitively shown that deodorants can cause breast cancer.


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