Concept video shows how Unreal Engine 5 remake for GTA San Andreas might look like


In 2021, Grove Street Games released an expanded version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas through the Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy collection — The Final Edition. While criticizing the art style and the long list of technical problems Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas helped modernize the game, many fans were not happy with Grove Street Games’ approach, criticizing the art style and the long list of technical problems. Given the problems with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The final edition, there are fans who would like to see a full-fledged remake of the game.

In this spirit, the TeaserPlay YouTube channel has created a concept video showing what a remake of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas might look like if it were created using the Unreal engine engine 5. The video itself is a recreation of the famous big Smoke order scene. For those who may not be familiar with this scene, in the early part of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas there is a character Big Smoke making a comically large order at a fast food restaurant. This is one of the most iconic scenes from San Andreas, and now fans can see the scene remade in Unreal Engine 5.

The concept video Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas shows some of the main characters of the game, recreated using the Unreal Engine 5, including CJ, Rider, Sweet and, of course, big smoke. It’s not a dynamic trailer, but it shows how these characters will look with more realistic graphics. After Big Smoke makes his order, the camera moves away, showing the back of the car, and if it was a playable build, players could leave for the open world.

Rockstar Games has not announced its plans to remake Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, so GTA fans will have to pay for this trailer and San Andreas – The final edition. Right now, Rockstar Games is busy working on the next part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and after the controversial launch of the Definitive Edition, it is unlikely that other studios will be entrusted with remastering or remaking the Rockstar franchises in the near future.

In fact, reports from GTA insiders claimed that Rockstar games were planning other remastering/remake projects, but they were apparently canceled due to an unsuccessful launch in the final edition. It is said that one of these projects was a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, so this is definitely disappointing news for fans of the open-world western Rockstar franchise.

As for GTA, fans are looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — The final edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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